Regulating Artificial Autonomy

Jan. 2017 – EU considering giving “personhood”, rights and duties to Robots (The Verge)

The Creation and Investment in Moral and Ethical AI

Jan. 2017 – Report on $27 million invested in creating Moral AI (Futurism)

Dec. 2016 – Draft report by IEEE on how to make an ethically aligned AI (Futurism, IEEE)

Jan 2017 – MIT ethics questionnaire on self-driving cars (MIT)

Development and Application of AI and Automation

Jan 2017 – DARPA AI pilots taking over pilot’s jobs (Futurism)

Mar. 2016 – AI and autonomation taking over legal jobs (Futurism)

Jan 2017 – making autonomous flying cars a reality by 2017 (Futurism)

Jan 2017 – AI is sexist? (Foreign policy)

Jan 2017 – Soon AI will be smarter than humans, IBM (Futurism)

Jan 2017 – AI through machine learning is predicting how the future will look like (Futurism)

Jan 2017 – Towards automated lawyers (Futurism)

Feb 2017 – AI software winning against the best poker players in the world (Futurism)

Feb 2017 – AI does your taxes (Futurism)

Feb 2017 – DARPA (US DOD) aiming towards merging humans and machines (Futurism)